Beyond Business as Usual in Israel-Palestine Joint USMEP-ICG report | August 10th 2021

The latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict brought important shifts in the status quo, underscoring the necessity of a political settlement. A peace based on equal respect for both peoples’ rights will take time, however. Steps to lower the temperature are urgent in the interim.

Why Palestinian Elections Should Get Back on Track Joint USMEP-ICG initiative | April 30th 2021

Citing Israeli obstruction, President Mahmoud Abbas has put off elections that were slated to begin in May. The decision is disappointing, as Palestinian institutions need refreshing. The polls should be rescheduled, with the full backing of outside powers, including the European Union and United States.

Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo New report | April 19th 2021

After decades of on-and-off negotiations and failed peace initiatives, it is time for a shift in U.S. policy toward Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Jettisoning former president Donald Trump’s Peace to Prosperity plan is a vital step, but it will not be enough to move beyond the status quo. Instead of reviving a moribund peace process or simply abandoning U.S. engagement, President Joe Biden’s administration should place a rights-based approach at the center of its strategy.

A Partnership to Strengthen Research and Advocacy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict December 15th 2020

The U.S./Middle East Project (USMEP) and the International Crisis Group are pleased to announce a joint initiative designed to promote their common objective: providing analysis and policy options to help policymakers and civil society activists in their efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The partnership will bring together the two organisations’ complementary strengths, including a strong field presence, credibility and widespread contacts with policymakers, extensive advocacy and media reach.  “By combining work and coordinating o...

Three Pillars for a New U.S. Approach to Peace in Israel-Palestine Joint USMEP-ICG initiative | December 15th 2020

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unlikely to be a priority for the new U.S. administration, but the conflict’s trajectory and its implications for U.S. interests should nonetheless concern U.S. policymakers. The new administration should learn the lessons of the past: it should be both ambitious in terms of seeking to change the terms of debate and modest with regard to the possibility of ending the conflict anytime soon.
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