Israel’s Governing Coalition Crashes, Setting Stage for New Elections Joint USMEP-ICG briefing | July 5th 2022

The fragile hybrid government in Israel lasted one year and seven days before falling apart. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Laure Foucher and USMEP’s Daniel Levy explain why a more homogeneous right-wing coalition is a likely outcome of fresh polls.

The Israeli Government’s Old-New Palestine Strategy Joint USMEP-ICG report | March 28th 2022

Little has changed in the calculations of the main actors in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, despite the dramatic upsurge in violence almost a year ago. To prevent a reprise, outside powers should push for interim steps as they revisit the core assumptions of their diplomacy.

Daniel Levy briefing statement to UN Security CouncilDaniel Levy | October 19th 2021

Thank you to the Council and the Kenyan Presidency for giving me this opportunity to brief you today. Thank you Special Envoy Tor Wennesland. I would like to enter into the record of this meeting a report published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the U.S./Middle East Project, the latter of which I head, entitled “Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo”, and  to acknowledge my co-authors in that report, Zaha Hassan, Halla Keir and Marwan Muasher.  In short, that report calls for a rights-based approach to Israel-Palestine, building o...

Beyond Business as Usual in Israel-Palestine Joint USMEP-ICG report | August 10th 2021

The latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict brought important shifts in the status quo, underscoring the necessity of a political settlement. A peace based on equal respect for both peoples’ rights will take time, however. Steps to lower the temperature are urgent in the interim.

Why Palestinian Elections Should Get Back on Track Joint USMEP-ICG initiative | April 30th 2021

Citing Israeli obstruction, President Mahmoud Abbas has put off elections that were slated to begin in May. The decision is disappointing, as Palestinian institutions need refreshing. The polls should be rescheduled, with the full backing of outside powers, including the European Union and United States.
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